Introducing our 207 Product Suite!

With our 207 Checking, Saver, CD and Credit Builder Loan products, we have a product designed for you!

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207 Checking

With our 207 Checking Account, you earn 10¢ back on the debit card purchases that you make!1

Waived overdraft fees2
Access to ATMs worldwide3
$10 monthly service charge waived when you enroll in eStatements
Online Banking & Bill Pay
Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit & My Cards
Visa Debit Card

207 Saver

With an interest rate of 2.25% APY4, our 207 Saver Account is here to help you put money away for the next big thing.

Maximum balance to earn interest is $250,000
Minimum to open is $25
No monthly service charge
Direct Deposit into Checking Account required
Automatic transfer into 207 Saver Account required
Online & Mobile Banking
Swipe to compare accounts

207 CD

At 3.50%APY5, our 36-Month 207 CD is a great way to earn interest on money that you don’t need immediate access to.

Safe investment - no stock market volatility
Predictable income
Higher returns than a savings account
One deposit per year
IRA eligible
207 Saver & Checking Account required

207 Credit Builder

Looking for a way to build credit? With our Credit Builder Loan, you can start building credit with as little as $500.

Borrow against your savings or CD to build your credit score
Access lower interest rates
Show you can make consistent, on-time payments
Payments get reported to the credit bureaus
Swipe to compare accounts

Accounts are subject to approval.
1 Debit Card Rewards: $0.10 back for each POS transaction. Earned rewards up to a total of 600 POS transactions posted within the account monthly statement cycle. ATM and ACH transactions are not considered POS transactions. Earnings could generate tax reporting 1099INT for Account Tax Owner. The 207 Checking must be the primary account for the Maine Community Bank Debit Card. POS transaction number will be the combined total for the account when more than one Debit Card is associated with the account.
2 Overdraft Fees: If you do not have available funds in your account to cover a transaction when it is presented to us for payment or authorization, we will attempt to return the transaction. Certain transactions or account activity may result in a negative balance.
3 ATM surcharges from other banks are refunded the same day. Must be enrolled in eStatements to receive ATM surcharge reimbursements.
4 ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD (APY): 2.25%. The annual percentage yield is effective as of 1/31/2023. The interest rate and annual percentage yield for your account depend upon the applicable rate tier: $250,000 and Under; 2.25%, over $250,000.00; 0.00%.The interest rate and annual percentage yield for these tiers is subject to change anytime. Opening deposit of at least $25.00 is required. You must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $0.01 to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. Interest will be compounded daily. Interest paid on balances $0.01-$250,000.00. Fees could reduce the earnings on the account.
5 ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD (APY): 3.50%. The annual percentage yield is effective as of 5/1/2024 and is subject to change at any time without notice. The APY shown is for a 36-month Certificate of Deposit with a minimum balance of $500.00. The APY assumes that interest will remain on deposit at the Bank until maturity. Interest will be compounded daily and will post monthly. A withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings. In the event of withdrawal before the stated maturity, an early withdrawal penalty will apply, please refer to Certificate of Deposit Account Agreement for more information. This offer is available for new accounts opened on or after 5/1/2024. See Certificate of Deposit Account Agreement for more details about eligibility. The 36-month Certificate of Deposit will automatically roll into a standard 36-month CD at the end of the term.