A message from our President & CEO

On June 15th, Biddeford Savings and Mechanics Savings, divisions of Maine Community Bank, will open its branches to the public.   It has been 3 months since we welcomed the community inside our branches and we are ready!  We closed our bank lobbies on March 16th in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Maine.  At the time, the scope and impact of the pandemic were unknowns.  We did so out of an abundance of caution and we’re confident that we did the right thing.  Our response was swift and our major goals were to keep community members and employees safe while continuing to provide seamless, critical services to our customers.  We have learned much during this crisis and we reopen our bank lobbies with more knowledge, safety and health precautions, plus an enthusiasm to see our customers again!

We also open our lobbies to a changed world.  In addition to our economy struggling due to business closures and unemployment levels that haven’t been seen since the Great Depression, our cities and towns are in turmoil over the legacy of racial injustice in America.  The times demand that we do better by all our citizens.

Maine Community Bank is committed to moving our communities forward.  Our bank system serves multiple communities through our Biddeford Savings and Mechanics Savings branches. Our commitment to our customers, who represent many different ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs, focuses on treating each customer equally, with the same respect and without prejudice.  Maine Community Bank, through its employment, lending, and charitable giving, helps to build brighter futures in our communities every day.

June 15th marks a very special day.  Not only will we be reopening our branch lobbies and our hearts to our customers, communities and businesses, we will be contributing financial support to programs to help heal our communities. We are pledging $5,000 each to two non-profits (to be announced in July) that are committed to helping at-risk youth in building healthy physical, social, emotional and academic development while promoting unity across lines of difference.


Jeanne Hulit
President & CEO