Good Customer Service is Simple. It is Not Easy!


When I wrote this post I was sitting in an airport, heading back to Maine after a 10-day cruise.  The crew on the ship provided amazing service.  From the staff that checked us in for the trip to the cabin attendants to the waitstaff they had the service “thing” nailed.

They were always cheerful and attentive and it always felt like they were sincerely interested in their guests having a good trip.  At the end of the trip we were sad to realize we would probably never see them again.  Have you often said those words after flying somewhere?

While some of the folks who work in the airport do a wonderful job it seems they are the exception, rather than the rule.  On the cruise, everyone I encountered provided excellent service, every time.

Think about your experiences, can you recall some companies that have mastered service (think Disney, for one) and others that have a long way to go?  What made the difference?  In my next post I will share some thoughts on what makes the difference.