Home Renovations are in Season!

Maine Renovations - Biddeford Savings Bank - Waterboro

We recently completed renovations at our branch in Waterboro.  Opened 20 years ago, the layout and décor both needed a little TLC.  Our customers and staff endured a challenging few weeks (that I am sure seemed like months) as the work was done around them.

The good news is, the work is done and we are thrilled with the results.  Since the structure was sound, renovating was the way to go rather than building a new branch.  By renovating we spent much less money and the project was completed in weeks rather than months.  Maybe you are thinking about renovations at home this year.  If so, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind;

  1. Be sure you have a clear picture of what changes you want to make.
  2.  Work with a qualified, experienced contractor.
  3. Make sure the project is fully defined in writing, along with the financial terms.
  4. Be sure you carefully supervise the work to give yourself the best chance at a satisfactory outcome.