What does Independence Day Mean to You?

Most of us look forward to July 4th as a day for family and fireworks.  Recently I was reminded of another aspect of our Independence, the high cost of maintaining it.

About 100 of us were waiting to begin a golf tournament to raise funds in support of a worthy charity.  At the event were three US Navy Officers – a Rear Admiral, the Commander of the USS George HW Bush (an aircraft carrier), and the leader of the aviators who fly from the ship.

The three of them in turn relayed what life is like on a carrier, what it is like to land an airplane on a pitching carrier deck, and the importance of the work our armed forces do around the world.  When they finished their remarks someone suggested we sing God Bless America.  We did, poorly but with spirit.  Everyone present was clearly moved by the moment.  As Americans we owe a great deal to our armed forces, please think of them on the 4th.