It was a Dog’s Life

The same week my friend died we euthanized our 13 year old dog.  She had cancer and was fading rapidly.  I don’t wish to compare the impact of a human’s life with that of a dog but both have value and can teach us something.  Our dog was a pound puppy, rescued from a tough city life and brought to the country.  She loved to run and was always wagging her tail and smiling.  For 13 years she would greet me when I came home from work, looking for a pat on the head, a walk, dinner, a treat.  Hers was a simple life but she was always in a good mood, always happy to see you.  She loved it when our now-grown children came home to visit because they would invite her up on the couch – usually forbidden territory.  She looked so content curled up with them, it really didn’t take a lot to make her smile.  Maybe that is her lesson – keep smiling, be happy when around family and friends, and enjoy each day.