Lessons from a Life Too Short

Last week we buried a friend who died way too young, he was 57.  I knew him primarily through our shared passion for golf.  He loved the comradery and competition of golf as well as the fellowship during and after a round.  In addition, he was a good husband, father, friend to many, and businessman.  That was reinforced by the large number of people who came to his wake and funeral – there to honor him and support his wife and two children. At both events the tears were softened by laughter as we remembered good times we had shared.  He looked for the good in people and experiences, seemingly always in a good mood.  In his 57 years I believe he managed to accrue a full measure of life experience – he truly enjoyed each and every day.  While he made it look easy, I know he worked hard in all of his endeavors, especially in tending to relationships.  After all, what is more important than our relationships with those we love?  Even when career and life demand so much of our time and energy it is vitally important that we tend to our relationships with those dear to us.  I know I can do a better job in this area and his example and memory will, hopefully, help me to fully appreciate each day and to be a better person.  It seems like the least I can do to honor his memory.