Local Banking


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Many of you, as I did, probably shopped at locally-owned businesses for some of your gifts this holiday season.  Local businesses are essential to the local economy. By shopping locally we helped our neighbors create jobs and build their businesses.  Banking is no different and where you bank matters.

Our bank employs 75 Mainers, providing them with good jobs – competitive compensation, career advancement opportunities, and the chance to help strengthen our communities.  We contribute over $100,000 and 3,000 volunteer hours a year in the communities we serve.  When you choose to bank locally you help us to continue that practice of giving back, to preserve those jobs, and to create more.  We are here to help our customers on their path to prosperity – when we do our job well they return the favor by helping us along our paths to prosperity.  I know that some individuals and businesses have financial services needs we cannot meet, but for the vast majority of the residents of York and Cumberland Counties we can ably meet their needs.

Why not do business with neighbors who have been serving the community since 1867 (not me personally, but the Bank).  We truly get to know our customers and that allows us to do a better job of helping each one realize their dream.  If you value the personal touch and dealing with bankers who know you and your community, give us a try.  You will be joining your many friends and neighbors who consistently tell us in surveys that our staff are doing an excellent job of meeting their needs; of helping them along their paths to prosperity.