Making Their Day

One of our goals when serving customers is to “Make Their Day.”  Simply put, that means that as they leave the bank or get off the phone they are in a better mood than they were before coming in or calling.  Simply put but sometimes challenging to deliver on.  Some customers like to tell jokes and others can be pretty serious.  Our staff is quick to figure out preferences and act accordingly.  A lot of what we do to serve customers is pretty routine; opening accounts, answering questions, taking loan applications, for example.

But sometimes things can get interesting.

One customer could not locate an important document for a mortgage closing so our employee went to their house at 8:00 PM and went through their attic until the missing document was found.  The loan closed later that week.  That certainly made, you could say saved, the day for that customer.

Another customer comes in to our Main Office every Tuesday, after she visits the beautician and Reilly’s Bakery.  For some unknown reason, this lovely older lady thinks I am cute.  She calls me her boyfriend.  Recently it was her Birthday and the branch staff had decorated a coffee mug with balloons and filled it with candy to give to her.  They asked if I would present it to her, which I was happy to do.  She was thrilled to have her Birthday remembered and we really made her day.