How to Protect Yourself When Going Mobile

Protect your Identity when Going Mobile - Biddeford Savings

I have to say, the smartphones of today are amazing.  To have that much information in your pocket is a wonder to an old dog like me.  Makes me wonder how we ever got along without them.

That said, it is important to safeguard your mobile device to reduce the risk of identity theft. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your chances against the hackers –

  1. Use the passcode lock on all of your mobile devices – a simple but effective step that makes it much more difficult for hackers to get to your data, so long as the passcode isn’t 1234 or something equally obvious.
  2. Log out completely when you finish a mobile session involving your finances – whether it is with your bank, insurance company, or other service provider.
  3. Keep your operating software up to date by downloading updates as they are available – they often contain protection against the newest viruses.
  4. Beware of shoulder surfers – that person behind you at the airport who is stealing your passcodes.
  5. Exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi networks – they are the easiest to hack so use your mobile network when conducting financial transactions.
  6. Only download apps or programs from known sources.
  7. Keep your bank informed if you change phone numbers or if your phone is lost or stolen.

These relatively simple steps will reduce the risk of being hacked and having your identity stolen.