Small businesses can have big tax problems!

man sitting at desk with a legal pad.

If you own a small business you have a special set of concerns at tax time. Here are 5 steps to take to reduce your risk of problems with your business return.

  1. File on time and pay the taxes due. Sounds simple but many business owners fail to do these simple things, resulting in penalties and interest charges.
  2. Remember to make estimated tax payments during the year. A qualified tax preparer or tax software will tell you what you should be paying.
  3. Take all the deductions you are entitled to but avoid the temptation to take unqualified deductions.
  4. Take the time to maintain accurate records so that you or your tax preparer can complete accurate returns in a timely manner.
  5. Use care if you are contemplating classifying workers as contractors, rather than as employees. This has become an area of focus for the IRS so use care.