The Key to Retirement – Start Planning

The Key to Retirement Planning - Biddeford Savings Bank

Once you have started saving money it is important to create a plan for yourself. You will need to think about such things as; when do I want to retire, what will it cost me to live the type of retirement I desire (where do I want to live, how much travel do I wish to do, etc.), how long will I likely live in retirement (we are generally living longer than our grandparents did/will and you need to plan for that, too).

Part of the planning process is deciding how you will invest your nest egg; insured bank accounts (IRAs) or in the stock market? That will certainly affect the rate at which your money grows but some investments also carry much more risk. You have to determine how much risk you are comfortable with. It will require some time and effort to pull together and enter the information needed to develop a plan; but it is well worth the effort.

As I mentioned last week, there are great free online resources to help with developing a plan;,, and are three that come to mind. You also have the option of working with paid planners to do this; they have the experience and knowledge to help you develop a good retirement plan. Family, friends, or your bank can provide you with referrals to qualified planners. Again, the key is to get started developing a sound retirement plan.