Three Simple Steps to Frustrate Cyber Thieves & Keep your Identity Secure

By following these straightforward and sensible steps you greatly improve your chances against the cyber thieves.

  1. Make your passwords complicated.  I know, you are saying that’s fine but I have to be able to remember them.  Here is a trick I was taught by our IT person a few years ago.  Take a routine phrase and armor it by using some non-alpha-numeric characters.  For example, 254 Main St (the address of our main office) becomes two54M@In$T – relatively easy to remember but very hard to hack.
  2. Keep track of your accounts by reviewing statements and checking in online periodically.  It is so easy to look at your accounts via the web or on mobile devices, just to be sure unexpected or unauthorized transactions are not showing up.  By spending a few minutes at a time you enhance your peace of mind.
  3. Stay alert when on the internet.  Your bank will never ask you for your password, ATM PIN, or personal information.  If you are asked for this type of information leave that site, discard any email asking for it, and contact your bank.

A few simple precautions will go a long way towards safeguarding your identity when you are online.