Veteran’s Day

It can be easy to take the freedoms we enjoy for granted.  But it is important to remember that those freedoms were established and are preserved only through the hard work and sacrifice of our Veterans.

In November, we observe Veteran’s Day and this year we will honor the Veterans among us in each of our branch offices.  We have been soliciting the names of Veterans from customers and employees for the past several weeks and those names will be displayed in our branches the week of November 10th.

Just last month our employees sent care packages to troops serving in Afghanistan.  One of our employees learned that a customer’s son is serving there and that certain food and personal items can be hard to find.  Our staff stepped up and contributed 20 boxes of items ranging from granola bars, soap, to dog treats that weighed over 160 pounds for the troops in Afghanistan.  We take access to these items for granted and it feels great to send a tangible thank you to those serving far from home.

Three years ago, when our branch in Kennebunk opened we dedicated the flagpole a local man who had died while serving in Iraq.  Again, a small gesture but an important way of remembering one who gave his life in service to our country.

In all of these instances we see a way to sincerely thank those who serve our country so nobly.  Please join me in thanking our Veterans this Veterans Day!