What can I do to Keep my Business Safe?

Keep your Business Safe Online - Biddeford Savings Bank

This is an excellent question (so glad I asked it).

We have seen instances of businesses getting compromised via emails that contain viruses.  When you open an corrupt attachment the hackers can monitor your email traffic and even send instructions to your bank that look legitimate.  So many businesses are being hit with this type of fraud that it is an epidemic.

If your business gets hacked you risk loss of customers, loss of revenue, and even the loss of the business – a high percentage of hacked businesses end up closing their doors to the cost of recovering from a hack.  Protecting a business can be challenging because in many cases more than one person has access to the business’s computers and conducts business with the bank.

We have recently contracted with a company called InteproIQ to offer a comprehensive cyber security solution to our business customers.  This solution includes guides to help you establish the appropriate policies and procedures along with employee training all at a reasonable cost.  For more information visit our website at: Biddeford Savings & InteProlQ – Written Information Security Program.

Be careful out there!