Why I love working at Biddeford Savings

I truly enjoy coming to work each day.  Our staff are a great group of folks and we work together to serve our customers and our communities.  We have a number of employees with 20 – 40 years of service and another group who are early in their careers here.  Their ages range from the 60s to the 20s.  Some are lifelong bankers and others came to us from other types of businesses.

What unites us is a commitment to each other, to our customers, and to our communities.  If an employee is dealing with illness in their family their co-workers rally around them; helping relieve the burden at work so they can focus on health.  We work together to make sure customer’s questions and needs are addressed in a timely manner.  I have so much confidence in our staff that my direct phone line’s number is on the back of every employee’s business card, along with the invitation to call me to resolve any complaints.  I don’t get more than 2 calls a year, that is how effective our staff is at serving our customers.

One of our Core Values speaks to our communities and making them stronger.  Our staff volunteered over 4,000 hours last year in support of 42 different Agencies in the communities we serve.  That is equivalent to 2 full-time employees!  A couple of years ago we all read a book entitled, “Thank God It’s Monday” and discussed it at a staff meeting.  While some days are better than others, I am always thankful to come to work alongside such a great group.