Will Spring ever…?

winter to spring flower - biddeford savings bank

Spring, that is.  I know that, technically, Spring has begun but it does not yet feel like it.

As Spring comes each year I get excited to start thinking about Summer events.  Fun things like weeding the garden, spreading mulch, and mowing the lawn.  Wait, I meant to mention walking on the beach, biking outside, and playing golf.  Either way, this year all those items seem to be on hold as we watch the snow slowly melt in the enduring cold.  Rest assured, it will warm up and soon enough someone will utter those immortal words, “It sure is hot today.”

The long-lasting cold does provide us with time to tackle a few important Spring tasks.  Cleaning out the garage and basement come to mind.  You can open up storage space and, if you choose to donate unused items to charity, you might even get a tax deduction while helping someone in your community.  Just a little food for thought.